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Son Goku

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Goku (孙悟空 – 悟空 ), sometimes known as Sangoku or Son Goku, is the only and only main character in the Dragon Ball franchise, created by renowned mangaka Akira Toriyama.
From the beginning of Dragon Ball through the end of Dragon Ball Super, Goku has been the series’ only consistent character.
Even if he isn’t directly involved in the action, his presence contributes to the intrigue.
There would just not have been a Dragon Ball without Songoku.

Every human topics are inextricably linked to Goku’s arc.
So, just below, you will find further information:

  • Songoku’s backstory
    His appearances in the Dragon Ball saga’s various arcs
  • His true age has now been revealed!
  • The most powerful of his techniques
  • Anecdotes about the character Don’t wait any longer to see how Goku rose to the undisputed position of main character, the star of a story that spans several decades both within and outside the universe.
    We wanted to pay tribute to him in this post because he was a combatant, therefore (re)discover his story in our Ultimate Songoku History Guide!

The Story Of Songoku

goku on magic nimbus

Goku, whose real name is Kakarot, was born while his father Bardock and his warriors were on a mission to conquer Kanassa and kill all of its inhabitants.
He grew up beside the well-known fighter Broly.
Goku was a small child by Saiyajin standards, therefore he was sent to a planet with a small population (the Earth) to exterminate all life there, as the powerful saiyans were needed for more difficult assignments.
They have so made it a practice to send their little Saiyan to more accessible planets in order to exterminate their indecent opponents.

Kakarot was discovered in a little spacecraft by an elderly man named Gohan.
Gohan attempted to elect the young boy, but Kakarot was extremely hostile and strong in comparison to human standards.
On one of his journeys, the young Saiyan Goku falls into a deep ravin and loses his head.
The lifelong amnesia of this chute has prevented the little boy from completing his initial purpose. Son Goku was then given to him by Gohan.

kid goku oozaru blog

Goku possessed incredible strength, speed, and battle abilities, so Gohan quickly took him under his wing and trained him in martial arts.
The young combatant had a queue that resembled that of a single.
This line would allow him to transform into an enormous ape under the full moon’s light (the form of Oozaru), but Goku had no recollection of when he was already a giant singe and would completely forget about it until later, when he met Vegeta.

After the death of his adoptive father, Gohan, Goku will travel the world with Bulma Brief (who was originally based at the Capsule Corporation) in search of the dragon Shenron’s mysterious crystal balls.
During his journey, he will meet Master Roshi , Yamcha, Puar, and Oolong, a shape-shifting pig.

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Goku decided to train with the venerable old master Roshi after discovering the Dragon Balls and losing their desire due to Oolong.
Master Roshi  has begun training Goku and Krilin in order to teach them the legendary unstoppable energy explosion known as the Kamehameha.   
Goku was then entered into the Tenkaishi Budokai World Championships and was only bit by the alias of Master Roshi, Jackie Chun.

goku vs jackie chun

Following the World Martial Arts Tournament, Goku continued to travel the globe in search of the fabled Dragon Balls, defeating the entire Red Ribbon Army in the process, an achievement lauded by all of his friends. 
Goku returns to the global martial arts tournament after defeating the Red Ribbon army and discovering the dragon Shenron’s final crystal ball.
He lost to Ten Shin Han as a result of a lucky break.
His other major accomplishment was defeating King Piccolo Daimao.

How old Goku is?

goku age 1

Goku was born on April 16th, 736 years old in the manga and 737 years old in the anime.
He is sent to Earth three years later, at the age of 739, right before the planet Vegeta is destroyed.
If one ignores his numerous deaths, Goku is around 38 years old in the most recent Dragon Ball Super series.

To summarize, he is 780 years old during the time of the  Tournament of Power in animation. To do so, he must discard his six months of training with Beerus, as well as his time spent in the time chamber…
So, in the anime, Goku is 39 years old because the events with Broly took place the same year!
It’s a little more complicated in the case of manga because the temporality is handled differently.
Then in the anime, Goku should have 40 to 41 years old. 

Goku's Family

gokus family

After that, when he is an adult, he marries Chi-Chi and they have a son named Songohan together. Goku has led a relatively peaceful life until Raditz arrives on the planet Earth.
Raditz revealed himself to be Goku’s brother and reminded him of his original goal on Earth.
Goku refused to help Raditz in the extermination of Earth’s citizens, and they fought.

Recognizing that he couldn’t fight this super saiyan on his own, Goku asked his old foe, Piccolo, to assist him in the fight.
Goku and Piccolo fought side by side to defeat Raditz, and Goku sacrificed himself by immobilizing him so Piccolo could use his special beam cannon to defeat him.

If you’re a true Dragon Ball fan, the majority of Dragon Ball games (created by Toei Animation and Bandai Namco) allow you to relive some of the series’ most explosive scenes.
On the other hand, you can always watch Dragon Ball Z on TV in the form of a dbz series, read dragon ball manga, or look at dbz scans online.

DBZ Raditz Beat Goku And Piccolo

Goku trained at King Kai’s place after his death.
Goku’s strength was helped by Kaio sama’s planet, which had several times the gravitational pull of Earth.
During the counter-attack by Vegeta and Nappa, who had arrived on the planet in search of their comrade Raditz, Goku had to leave king Kai for a short time to face the Saiyajin warriors.
Tenshinhan, Piccolo, Yamcha, and Chaozu had already been killed by Vegeta and Nappa when Goku arrived.

Goku was unable to defeat Vegeta, but they were both incapable of fighting, and Vegeta fought in the background.
Since Piccolo’s disappearance, the Dragon Balls have vanished from the earth, and they needed them to wish Piccolo’s return, so Goku and the other survivors were sent to the planet Namek, which contained seven more crystal balls.

goku defeats nappa

Goku In Frieza Saga

Frieza has already arrived on this planet in search of dragon’s balls.
Goku has left the Frieza Special Forces Commando Ginyu.
Goku was much weaker than Frieza, yet they fought, and when Frieza decided to kill Krilin, Goku’s best friend, just for fun, he over the line and became Goku Super Saiyan in Dragon Ball Z episodes.

As a result, Frieza will release a new form in which he will increase his muscular mass (watch below the full scene now on the video).
He believed he would always be able to resume the fight, but Goku continued to outperform him with his clearly superior super saiyan power.
He decided to blow up the planet Namek because he saw no other option.

After seeing his adversary Frieza’s true laziness, he decided to leave him there to die.
He even demanded a portion of his energy, with which he planned to kill Sangoku, and in the worst-case scenario, they would both die.
Goku’s gentle demeanor allowed him to transmit just enough information for Frieza to survive.
He hoped he would be able to see the mistake he had made.
However, he was torn.
As a result, he arrives at Frieza, whose cri in the dbz vf episode is, after all, emblematic of the dbz adventure!

Following Frieza’s defeat, everyone assumed Goku had been killed on Namek.
However, the Z-Fighters and Vegeta noticed Frieza’s power level approaching Earth one day.
As the villains approached, Frieza, who had recently been rebuilt, and his father, the Roi Cold, predicted the destruction of the planet.
Everyone was worried that the planet would be destroyed because Goku was no longer present to save them.

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However, a mysterious young man arrives to confront them. Frieza and the King Cold were clearly surpassed by the young Super Saiyan and vanished in a matter of seconds.
The young man then returned to the Z-Fighters to inform them that Goku will soon arrive on Earth.
Goku has arrived, armed with a new action technique: instant transmission.
Trunks of the Future (son of Bulma and Vegeta) was the mysterious young man who informed the crew that the androids (cyborgs) will be here in three years.

trunks slices frieza

He also gives Goku heart medications, claiming that he is dead in another temporal timeline and that these drugs will save his life.
They all separate and begin their training.
Songoku works out in the hyperbolic time chamber with his kid Gohan.
It was here that Goku and Son Gohan learned to maintain their Super Saiyan limits, as well as Gohan’s ability to manipulate his Saiyan force.
It’s also because of this that Goku and Gohan have developed the ability to maintain their forms for longer periods of time.
After Goku and Gohan finished their training in the Hyperspace Chamber, a new event arose: the Cell Games tournament, hosted by the evil Cell.

time and spirit chamber

Goku In Cell Saga

Goku realized he lacked the necessary strength to defeat Cell in this state (Cell had reached his final form since Vegeta had grown arrogant in his advanced Super Saiyan form).
As a result, Cell has vanquished him in his last form.
After that, Cell decided to create his own tournament to battle all of the world’s most powerful warriors, which appeared to be an excuse to beat up on Goku.

Cells every forms

Goku intended to use enough Cell to allow Gohan to complete the task.
Cell begins to self-destruct, and he quickly uses his instantaneous transport to transport to King Kai’s planet.
He gave his life for the safety of the planet, yet Cell was able to regenerate. It was up to Gohan to kill him, which he did by deploying his SSJ2 form. Goku gathered the Dragon Balls once more to wish everyone a happy life, believing that the world would be a safer place if he remained dead.

Goku In Majin Buu Saga

goku ssj3 vs buu

And now we’re at the point where Babidi arrives to resurrect Majin Boo.
Goku had been reunited with all of his best friends, including Krilin and Vegeta, as well as his sons Gohan and Goten, much earlier.
During a global martial arts tournament, two fighters with an insignia M on the front line stole a portion of Gohan’s power and fled.

Goku and the others followed them all the way to Babidi’s ship.
Goku, Vegeta, and the Supreme Kai have boarded this ship and must confront a series of challenges.

As a result, Goku fought this creature with the ability to absorb energy.
Once he realized what had happened, he put himself under duress and let the demon absorb his power until it exploded.
Babidi, on the other hand, has transformed Vegeta into Majin in order to gain power.
Goku then demanded that they be transported to a remote location where they may fight their ally/enemy.
Goku and Vegeta were beaten until they realized Majin Buu had been released.

Goku attempted to persuade Vegeta to join forces with him in order to defeat Majin Boo. Vegeta accepts, but when Goku goes in search of haricots sensu, Vegeta refuses.
Vegeta gave his life in the attempt to kill Majin Boo, but when Goku awoke, he had to return to the afterlife because his 24 hours on Earth were up.

Goku and Vegeta Potara

Gohan will later be entrapped by the Supreme Kai.
After Goku’s death, Kai will trade his life for another so that he can return to Earth and find someone with whom he can form a lasting bond via fused earlobes ( Potaras).

After his resurrection, Goku fuses with Vegeta, becoming Vegeto.
In the end, Goku used his spiritual bomb to destroy Majin Boo’s original form (Kid Buu).
Prior to Kid Buu’s defeat, Goku requested that he be resurrected sooner rather than later so that he could fight him again.
Boo was resurrected as a young boy named Oob many years later.
During a martial arts tournament, Goku attempted to defeat Oob in order to reclaim his hidden power.

Goku's Techniques

goku instant transmission

Goku has mastered more than a half-dozen techniques thanks to his perseverance and hard work.
The Kaméhaméha, Kaio-Ken, and Genkidama are the most commonly used in the series.
In the Dragon Ball Super series, he will also learn to control his Ultra Instinct.


This is the Dragon Ball saga’s unmistakable method.
Developed by Kamé Sennin (alias Master Roshi), this method entails concentrating all of one’s energy in one’s hand in order to send a powerful charge of energy.
We’ll be able to see Goku use this technique a few of times.


This technique generates a significant amount of energy above Goku’s head.
Very dangerous because his power may literally destroy a planet, he’ll need it in his battles against Frieza, Kid Boo, or Vegeta.


Kaio-Ken bestows a rougeatre aura upon Goku.
This approach allows him to deplete his strength, but be careful not to overuse it at the risk of jeopardizing his health!


The Ultra Instinct, regarded by some as a technique and by others as a state, has so defrayed the chronicle in the Super epic that we couldn’t help but invoke it.
This “method” allows the user to enter a relatively zen state of transmission, providing them with increased power, speed, and anticipation. Keep an eye out!

Trivia About Goku

goku smiling
  • Akira Toriyama was inspired by the Chinese legend of the Monkey King to come up with the character’s name and appearance.
  • Do you know where the name of the most well-known Dragon Ball move comes from? She bears the name of a famous Hawaiian king, whom you may know as “Kaméhaméha.”
  • Sangoku, as you may know, is an outlaw guerrier who has proven his combat abilities throughout the tale. But now try to figure out how many enemies there are in all… And, yes, it’s true! All right, I’ll take care of the suspense: Throughout his whole Saiyan career, Goku has only defeated two enemies: Yakon (Babidi’s sbire) and Buu!
  • Sangoku, often known as Kakarot, is derived from the word “carot,” which you should recognize from the syllables.
  • Do you know what Goku’s greatest fear is? And this isn’t a Frieza! It’s all about the syringes! He’s terrified of it; just seeing a seringue makes his blood boil, as shown in two episodes of the Dragon Ball Z epic.

And there you have it! You now know everything there is to know about the main character, Son Goku, and his adventures in the Dragonball and DBZ franchises!
We’ll talk about his appearances in the Dragon Ball Super Saga (with Beerus, Whis, and Jiren), Dragon Ball GT (SSJ4), and the films (against Broly, the legendary warrior), but for now, we’ll let you stew and reminisce about your past adventures so you can better understand the rest of your young Saiyan’s adventures!

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