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Burter cover

Burter – Dragon Ball Z

Hi to you youthful Saiyan ! Is it true that you really love the Dragon Ball Z universe and the Ginyu Commando? Then, at that point, you’ve come to the ideal locations!In this article we will investigate Burter, whose powerful speed made it simple for him to join the first class Special Forces of the […]

bardoc just before die

Bardock – Dragon Ball Z

Welcome Saiyan fighter ! Might it be said that you are a fan of the Dragon Ball Z universe and the universe of the Saiyans? Try not to move, you’re perfectly positioned! In this guide we will concentrate on Bardock, a notorious and significant figure of the Saiyan public. He is the dad of the […]

Broly legendary first draw

Broly – Dragon Ball Z

You’re a Dragon Ball Z fan? You want to know more about Broly, the Legendary Super Saiyan?Then you’ve come to the right place! Our team has designed this ultimate guide to gather everything you need to know about this mythical character, adored by fans of the series. Broly is the most opponent of the motion picture Legendary Warrior Dragon Ball […]

trunks first time appears in dbz

Trunks – Dragon Ball Z

Trunks (ト ラ ン ク ス, Torankusu) is a fictional character from the Dragon Ball Z anime series. He is Vegeta and Bulma’s eldest son. This incarnation of Trunks was nurtured under the influence of his father, a Saiyan prince, and taught from an early age to become a great warrior, growing up in a […]

frieza first form video game

Frieza- Dragon Ball Z

Frieza (フリーザ Furiza) is one of the three main and most formidable villains in Dragon Ball Z. The Emperor Galactique of Univers 7 commands his own imperial army throughout the story, and he is feared for his unforgiving temperament and might.Frieza is the saga’s catalyst antagonist, as it was his actions that brought Goku to […]

SSGSSEvo Vegeta full aura

Vegeta – Dragon Ball Z

Vegeta,(ベジータ Bejīta)  often known as Prince Saiyan, is a main character in Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball series. In the majority of anime and video games, he is played by Ry Horikawa (Japanese) and Christopher Sabat. He is one of several characters who began their careers as antagonists before rising through the ranks of the Z […]

goku ultra instinct blog cover

Son Goku

Goku (孙悟空 – 悟空 ), sometimes known as Sangoku or Son Goku, is the only and only main character in the Dragon Ball franchise, created by renowned mangaka Akira Toriyama. From the beginning of Dragon Ball through the end of Dragon Ball Super, Goku has been the series’ only consistent character. Even if he isn’t […]

dragon ball blog cover

Dragon ball

Dragon Ball is a manga from Japan wrote and drown by the famous mangaka Akira Toriyama, which is also famous for several other mangas and anime. Dragon Ball is directly inspired from a Chinese tale calls: ”Journey to the west” in which the hero is calls Sun Wu Kong, the Monkey King. In the series […]

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